Is the Cattery Right For Your Cat?

Posted on: 30 July 2015

You're going out of town for a trip and you need a cattery to look after your cat while you're away. You've made a list of possible boarding companies but you're unsure of which one will provide your cat with the best experience. Here are a few important items to be mindful of when making you're decision, it's not always about the amenities and price.

Indoor & Outdoor Areas

You know your cat better than anyone else so you'll know what your cat does from day to day. Does he like going outside to run around and come back when it's time to eat or does he prefer to lounge around inside all day and maybe sometimes peek his head through the blinds to see the street? Some cats will do both and need the freedom of having options.

When you're looking into catteries, always keep this mind. If there's an indoor but no outdoor area, the cattery may not be the best option for your outdoor cat. Check to make sure the outdoor area is secure with no space for your cat to get out and run away.

Look at the Other Cats

Want to know how your cat might respond to a prospective cattery? Visit the other cats that are boarded there and analyze their body language. Do they appear to be happy or are they cowering in the corner? Does it look like their cage is being regularly cleaned, particularly their litter box? Is their water fairly clean? The way the other cats are being treated will tell you a lot about if the cattery is a good boarding option for your kitty.

Speak to the Staff

Do more than inquire about the pricing and/or amenities. Take time to talk to the staff. They will be looking over your cat while you're away so it's important that you feel comfortable with the care and expertise they will be providing. Do they enjoy their job? Are they willing to take the extra time to spend with each cat? How much experience do they have?

Health & Safety of Your Cat

Always ask about the ventilation systems in the building. In walking around, you'll be able to see if other cats appear to be suffering from any illnesses. If they are, it may be because the illness is being spread through the ventilation system and will likely result in your cat becoming sick as well. This is something to avoid entirely. The health and safety of your cat should always be the most important thing. For more information, contact a business such as Blu Ice Cattery.