What You Should Know Before Taking Your Cat To A Cattery

Posted on: 26 May 2015

If you are going away on holidays and have to leave your furry feline friend behind, you may be wondering what the best cat accommodation options are? While it might seem like a good idea to leave your cat at home and have your neighbour feed them everyday, your cat will probably be lacking attention and may be shy of your neighbour.

House sitting might be convenient but it is probably not in the best interests of your cat. Catteries provide the opportunity for your cat to go on a holiday too; if you have never taken your cat to a cattery before, here are some points to consider:

Is your cat vaccinated?

Many catteries require your cat to be up to date with their yearly vaccinations. Although your cat will most likely not come into close contact with other cats during their stay at a cattery, vaccinations are important for airborne diseases or diseases that may travel from cat to cat via the caretaker. It is recommended to get your cat vaccinated at least 2 weeks before they go to the cattery, as this will give the vaccines time to work within your cats body.

Is your cat desexed?

A number of catteries also require your cat to be desexed if the cat is older than 6 months old. This is similar to the rule for vaccinations; catteries do not let cats from separate households mix together. However, you are probably aware that cats are great escape artists! So in the unlikely event of a cat escaping, it is wise to ensure the cat is desexed so no unwanted litters are produced.

Is your cat recently flea-treated?

Nobody likes fleas, however fleas would have a fun time at a cattery! Due to so many cats in close proximity, a cattery is an ideal place for a flea to hang around. This is why it is important to ensure your cat is flea-treated before attending a cattery. It is recommended to treat your cat a few days before they are due to go to the cattery to ensure all adult fleas and eggs have been culled from your cat.

Will your cat enjoy their time at a cattery?

The best way to find out if your cat will enjoy their vacation is to visit the cattery prior to booking in. Take a look at how the other cats are kept; are they well fed? Is the housing comfortable for cats? How much time does the caretaker spend with each cat? Most good catteries encourage you to visit their cattery before you make a booking so you can be assured your cat will be well looked after while you are away.

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