Anxious Pets and Boarding Tips

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Boarding Facility for Your Pet

When you go on vacation or need to travel for business, it’s good to choose a dog boarding facility for your pet. This will ensure he or she does not get lonely or bored while you’re away and in turn, begin to claw at the furniture or even harm itself. A dog boarding facility will also mean that you know your pet is cared for properly; there’s no risk of a neighbor forgetting to stop by to refill their food dish or let them out of the house.

Like daycare facilities for children, dog boarding facilities will all vary in quality and amenities offered, and in their own requirements. Note a few important factors when choosing a dog boarding facility.

1. Your pet’s vaccinations

Very often a dog boarding facility will have a list of vaccinations that your pet will be required to have before they take them in, even …

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