Anxious Pets and Boarding Tips

Why Do Some Dogs Experience A Mild Stomach Upset In Boarding Kennels?

A stay at a boarding kennel can leave some dogs susceptible to developing a mild stomach upset that typically lasts a day or so. There are several reasons this can happen, but it’s not generally considered a sign there’s a problem with the kennel or the care your dog is receiving. Kennel staff will contact you to let you know if your dog experiences an upset stomach during their stay, and they will have your dog checked over by a vet if their symptoms don’t improve within the first day. Here’s an overview of three common reasons a dog may experience a stomach upset during their stay at a boarding kennel:

Changes To Their Diet

A change to your dog’s diet, regardless of the quality of food being offered, can leave them with an upset stomach until their digestive system adjusts. This can occur because the digestive enzymes in your …

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Is the Cattery Right For Your Cat?

You’re going out of town for a trip and you need a cattery to look after your cat while you’re away. You’ve made a list of possible boarding companies but you’re unsure of which one will provide your cat with the best experience. Here are a few important items to be mindful of when making you’re decision, it’s not always about the amenities and price.

Indoor & Outdoor Areas

You know your cat better than anyone else so you’ll know what your cat does from day to day. Does he like going outside to run around and come back when it’s time to eat or does he prefer to lounge around inside all day and maybe sometimes peek his head through the blinds to see the street? Some cats will do both and need the freedom of having options.

When you’re looking into catteries, always keep this mind. If there’s …

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What You Should Know Before Taking Your Cat To A Cattery

If you are going away on holidays and have to leave your furry feline friend behind, you may be wondering what the best cat accommodation options are? While it might seem like a good idea to leave your cat at home and have your neighbour feed them everyday, your cat will probably be lacking attention and may be shy of your neighbour.

House sitting might be convenient but it is probably not in the best interests of your cat. Catteries provide the opportunity for your cat to go on a holiday too; if you have never taken your cat to a cattery before, here are some points to consider:

Is your cat vaccinated?

Many catteries require your cat to be up to date with their yearly vaccinations. Although your cat will most likely not come into close contact with other cats during their stay at a cattery, vaccinations are important …

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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Boarding Facility for Your Pet

When you go on vacation or need to travel for business, it’s good to choose a dog boarding facility for your pet. This will ensure he or she does not get lonely or bored while you’re away and in turn, begin to claw at the furniture or even harm itself. A dog boarding facility will also mean that you know your pet is cared for properly; there’s no risk of a neighbor forgetting to stop by to refill their food dish or let them out of the house.

Like daycare facilities for children, dog boarding facilities will all vary in quality and amenities offered, and in their own requirements. Note a few important factors when choosing a dog boarding facility.

1. Your pet’s vaccinations

Very often a dog boarding facility will have a list of vaccinations that your pet will be required to have before they take them in, even …

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